Fixed Term Deposit

Right for you if you want:

  • Interest payment at maturity or annually for Terms of 2 years or more

  • Terms from 31 days to five years

  • These safe and secure investments are available in a full range of terms and are redeemable at maturity. With our Fixed Term Deposits you will earn a competitive guaranteed rate of interest, based on the term selected.

    Available Terms:

    31 - 59 days 180 - 364 days 2 years 5 years
    60 - 89 days 1 year 3 years  
    90 - 179 days 18 Months 4 years  

    Minimum Balance Required: $1,000 USD

    Early Redemption: not allowed

    Interest Payment Frequency: at maturity or annually for terms of 2 years or more

    Available Currencies:: USD

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