Terms and conditions

The following definitions apply to these Terms and Conditions:

  • Eligible” refers to any individual qualified to participate in this Promotion.
  • Eligible transaction” refers to any purchases converted to Select Pay during the Promotional Period and maintained open until March 1, 2023, or longer, minus returns/credits, and will not include cash advances, balance transfers, credit card cheques, and any fees and/or finance charges.
  • “Cardholder” means the credit card holder of Eligible Scotiabank credit cards.
  • “Promotion” refers to this promotion only and not any of the Bank’s other promotions or programs.
  • “Promotional Period” means from December 1, 2022 to February 28, 2023, inclusive.
  • “Scotiabank” and “The Bank” means Scotiabank & Trust (Cayman) Limited., Scotiabank (Bahamas) Limited., The Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Limited and Scotiabank (Turks and Caicos) Limited.


These Terms and Conditions supplement the terms and conditions of your Scotiabank Credit Card Cardholder Agreement (the “Cardholder Agreement”). Capitalised terms used but not defined in these Terms and Conditions shall have the meanings defined and set out in the Cardholder Agreement.

How to Participate

  • Eligible Scotiabank Credit Card Cardholders will earn cashback equal to the 3rd installment on every Eligible transaction during the Promotional Period (the “Cashback”). The cumulative reward will be capped at a maximum dollar amount for the entirety of the Promotional Period.
  • See the below matrix for capped maximum dollar amount threshold per country in their local currencies. 




$15,000 JMD


$100 BSD

Turks and Caicos

$100 USD


$85 KYD

The Cashback earned will be credited to the credit card account for all participating Eligible Cardholders no later than 90 days from the end of the Promotional Period (February 28, 2023). The Cashback rewards will be paid in addition to any rewards earned through the regular use of the selected Scotiabank Credit Card.


  • Only Eligible transactions using a Scotiabank Credit Card are considered eligible for this Promotion. No other Scotiabank products will be eligible for this Promotion.
  • The Select Pay transactions must be maintained open (not paid off) until March 1st,2023 or longer.
  • This Promotion is open to Eligible Scotiabank Credit Card Cardholders who are legal residents of Jamaica, The Bahamas, Turks & Caicos Islands and the Cayman Islands, 18 years of age or older, to participate in the Promotion. Eligibility is restricted to Scotiabank Credit Card Cardholders whose credit card account is in good standing and has not been blocked, frozen, stolen or fraudulently obtained, mislaid, lost or written-off, or delinquent during the Promotional Period or within the past twelve (12) months.

Official rules and regulations 

  • This Promotion will run from December 1, 2022 to February 28, 2023 inclusive.
  • All Eligible transactions will count towards the total cumulative purchase amount, to a maximum reward of JMD$15,000, BSD$100, USD$100, KYD$85, as outlined in the matrix above. All transactions in local and foreign currency are eligible but for transactions completed in a foreign currency, the Cashback will be determined on the local currency equivalent on the transaction date.
  • Service charges, annual membership fees, interest charges and account credit/adjustment transactions are not Eligible transactions.
  • Cashback rewards are not transferable and are subject to change at the sole discretion of The Bank. Cashback rewarded will be considered final. The Bank will not be responsible for changes to the Cashback reward applicable in this Promotion which result from circumstances outside of its control. Scotiabank will issue no representation or warranty in respect of the Cashback reward.
  • Transactions from unauthorized card use or those made with lost, stolen or fraudulent Scotiabank credit cards will be considered void under the terms and conditions of this Promotion. By reading this document, the Cardholder is deemed to have accepted all of the applicable terms and conditions.

In all matters relating to this Promotion, the decision of the Bank shall be final and binding in all respects.

Scotiabank has the right to exclude any individual from this Promotion in its absolute discretion without any obligation to provide notice or reason.

Scotiabank reserves the right in its absolute discretion to vary the terms and conditions of this Promotion or to change or withdraw this Promotion at any time without giving any reason. In the event of a dispute arising from this Promotion, the Bank’s decision is final. These terms and conditions apply only to this Promotion and do not apply to any of the Bank’s other promotions or programs or any other promotion or program in conjunction with the Bank and any other entity or brand.

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