Scotia OnLine - How to pay a bill

STEP 1 - Sign in to Scotia OnLine

Log in to Scotia OnLine

  • Sign into
  • Click on sign in drop down in the top right corner of the page
  • Click Personal Banking
  • Enter your card number or username, password and click the "sign in" button to continue

STEP 2 - Sign in verification

  • Check you emails for your verification code

Step 3 - Select option


Select “Pay a Bill” from the My Account Summary Page

Step 4 - Select payee

  • Select the payee from the “My payees” list 
  • (Payees must be added beforehand in order to appear in your Payee options.)
  • Press “Next

Step 5 - Enter payment details


  • Enter the required payment details
  • From: Select the account you want to make the payment from
  • Amount: Enter the dollar amount you would like to pay, 
  • Frequency - use if you want to make recurring payment
  • Date - Select the date for future payments
  • Press ‘Next

Your transaction is complete

Step by step guides on how to the Scotia self-service channels

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