Scotiabank Alerts

You’re in control with Scotiabank Alerts. 

Is it right for me?

It’s perfect if you want a simple and easy way to stay on top of your account activity.

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Scotiabank Alerts allows you, as a Scotia OnLine and / or Scotia Mobile Banking customer, to receive personalized notifications about activity on your account(s) via push notifications on the Scotiabank Mobile App or via email. Push notifications allow your smartphone to receive message alerts even if your Scotiabank Mobile App is closed.

This empowers you to monitor and flag any activity on your account(s).

Take charge with credit card controls which allows you to:

  • Turn on / off your credit card
  • Set a maximum transaction limit
  • Allow international transactions and / or
  • Allow internet transactions

In order to receive Scotiabank Alerts, you’ll need to download the new Scotiabank Mobile App and enable App notifications in the device settings.

Scotiabank Alerts

We've turned on Alerts for you

Customers registered on Scotia OnLine with valid email address:

Existing Customers registered to use Scotia OnLine with a valid email address will be automatically enrolled to receive Scotiabank Alerts.

Customers registered to use Scotia OnLine without a valid email address

If you are already registered to use Scotia OnLine but you do not have an email address, immediately after you sign in to Scotia OnLine or the Scotiabank Mobile App, you will be asked to enter your email address.  In order to continue with OnLine Banking you must enter an email address. This is necessary to receive notifications about activity on your account(s) via push notifications on the Scotiabank Mobile App or via email.

You're in Control

Scotiabank Alerts

Here are the Alerts and Credit Card Controls available to you!


To ensure you receive email notifications, save to your address book as Scotiabank Alerts

Benefits of setting up Scotiabank Alerts

Quick set up

  • Set up Scotiabank Alerts in seconds

  • Start getting Alerts by the next day

  • Free

  • It's free to set up and use

  • Customizable

  • Get the notifications that matter to you

  • Set up Scotiabank Alerts on any of your accounts, credit cards, lines of credit or business accounts

  • Safe

  • Account numbers, passwords and pins are not sent via Scotiabank Alerts

  • Where do I start?

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