Use Anti-Virus Software

Whenever you use your personal computer and the Internet, there is a potential risk of contracting a computer virus or the possibility of infiltration by intrusion software commonly known as "Trojan Horses." Computer viruses can modify programmes, delete files, and erase the contents of hard drives. "Trojan Horses" can have similar effects and may be able to capture keystrokes, including passwords or other secret information. Spyware and other deceptive software can also conduct certain activities on your computer without your knowledge or consent.

The potential consequences of any of these threats could include damage to your personal computer, compromise of your secret information, and the inability to use Scotia OnLine or Scotia Mobile Banking.

For these reasons, we advise our customers to follow these practices:

  • Install and frequently update a proven anti-virus product, such as McAfee VirusScan® or Norton AntiVirus1 - the most popular anti-virus products include some spyware scanning capabilities
  • Only accept or download software from a source that you believe to be trusted
  • Never accept files or attachments when accessing websites, newsgroups, and chat rooms unless you are very sure of their authenticity
  • Ensure you are using a legally licensed operating system

Warning about "free" services and software offering faster Web surfing and email virus scanning: We strongly advise you to carefully read the terms of any free services you accept or software you download online before you accept them. They are known to sometimes include your consent to having your entire Internet browsing activity, including secure transactions, monitored. In consenting to such terms, you may allow the service provider to collect highly personal information such as your bank account and credit card numbers and passwords. Your Scotia OnLine / Scotia Mobile Banking password is confidential and must never be shared with any outside person or company. In divulging your password, you contravene the terms of your Personal Financial Services Agreement (PFSA) and you will be fully liable for any unauthorised access to your accounts and all associated losses arising from these disclosures.

Find out more about spyware and deceptive software: