While You Are Signed On

Scotia OnLine is a protected environment that meets the highest Internet security standards. When you are signed onto Scotia OnLine, we take the following additional steps to protect your information:

  • 128-bit SSL – Industry-standard encryption ensures that your information passes between your personal computer and the Bank's computers securely, preventing others from being able to read or tamper with your account activity.

  • Timeout - If you're away from Scotia OnLine for more than 10 minutes, an interruption to the Scotia OnLine session will occur. You will then be required to sign back into Scotia OnLine with your password.

  • Reference Numbers - After every transaction, we provide a reference number. This will help you and us in any enquiries you may have.
Optional Feature:
  • Masked Account Numbers - You may have your account numbers partially masked by asterisks. Therefore, "Shoulder Surfers" will not see your entire account number either on screen or on any printouts.